5th consortium meeting in Deventer

Our 5th consortium meeting occurred in Deventer, the Netherlands on 21st and 22nd June.

The event was a hybrid in-person and virtual meeting. The majority of the partners attended the meeting in person with those unable to travel joining in online. 

Day 1. 

The meeting took place all day. 

Among the topics discussed throughout the day were

  • Mid-term evaluation
  • Feasibility tool / Monitoring tool updates
  • Call for proposals
  • Communication strategy updates and reports

The evening finished with a guided tour of the city of Deventer and a meal in Chez Antionette.

Day 2. 

The meeting resumed the next morning. Amongst the topics discussed were 

  • monitoring of the pilot site
  • updating the models based on actual results
  • conferences and papers for publication
  • preliminary results from the first year of the pilot
  • updates on the progress of the Dutch and Belgian pilot sites
  • several options for pilot site 4

In the afternoon, there was a visit to the site that will host the second pilot site. Jordie Eskes gave an overview of where the plant will be installed and how it will be incorporated with the anaerobic digester.

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