Project Summary

Enameled copper wire (annual production of 120 000 tons in NWE) is used for transformers and electric motors. Materials technologies are facing increasing environmental challenges, productivity and competitiveness requiring a complete review of their production methods. Therefore, HI-ECOWIRE aims at developing a more sustainable and competitive production process with two main technical objectives: (i) Improve the energy performance and efficiency of electrical motors by 20% to 30 % compared to the current situation by increasing the thermal class from 240°C to 280/300°C; (ii) Replacing the current varnish by a polymer layer with higher thermal and dielectrical performances. This replacement is expected to lead to a reduction of solvent use by 90%. The current technology  uses 12 000 tons/year of varnish with toxic solvents that must be burnt with high energy consumption during transport, storage and management. The consequent massive CO2 and NOX emissions are associated with security issues limiting this industrial activity. The replacement of the solvent-based varnish by polymer extrusion would thus not only help at reducing the solvent consumption and VOC emission but also allow possible creation of industrial activities in areas where it is currently not possible due to security and sanitary issues. The project is based on an international consortium (SMEs, Industries, Research Centers and Universities) aiming at strengthening European competitiveness in the transport sector and energy production (wind turbine) while reducing the carbon footprint and the use of CMR solvents. Starting from laboratory scale validated products (TRL 3) the project will optimize the new products and process and validate them at industrial scale reaching TRL 7/8 at the end of the project.  Constant interactions with the industrial actors within and outside the consortium based on strong dissemination activities will be the key of success of the future technology transition.

Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Address Email Website
Materia Nova 3 Av Copernic
Name Contact Name Email Country
Université d’Artois Gabriel Velu France
Schwering & Hasse Elektrodraht GmbH Johann Reicher Germany
JEUMONT Electric SAS Daniel Laloy France
National University of Ireland Galway Maeve Duffy Ireland
KDE ENERGY FRANCE Michel Suzan France
ESIX Arnaud Nicolay Belgium
NEWTECH Furio Melone
Pôle Moveo Mathilde Petit France
Hochschule Esslingen, Institute für Nachhaltige Energietechnik und Mobilität Walter Czarnetzki Germany

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