Delivery of the keys for the first Hydrogen Fuel Cell Waste Truck in France on 2nd July 2021

Picture, from left to right :

Alain ESNAULT      Directeur Général de SEMAT      Eric LOIZON      Christophe BIGRE



First French hydrogen garbage truck is arrived!


In the context of the Interreg HECTOR program - a program financed by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and which brings together European local authorities with Sorigny as the only French town - the Touraine Vallée de l'Indre Community of Municipalities is the proud owner of the only example of a hydrogen garbage truck in France.

Delivery of the keys took place on July 2nd in La Rochelle (France) in the premises of SEMAT, manufacturer of the vehicle.

Eric LOIZON - President of Touraine Vallée de l'Indre, Alain ESNAULT - Vice-president in charge of hydrogen and technicians of the community were received by the General Manager of SEMAT and the Development Director Christophe BIGRE for the official delivery of the keys.

The vehicle was first presented to them without the dumpster, with all the elements of the H2 chain visible. Then, following a guided tour of the company, the visitors from Touraine discovered the fully assembled garbage truck H2.

The elected officials will be proud to present it on September 16th during the "Hydrogène au Centre" in Châteauroux.

Silent, it will certainly make the happiness of the population during its passage.


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