Project meeting in Aberdeen -30th of September 2019

The project partners gathered on the the 30th of September in Aberdeen to present the progress of the work packages and the first results of the project.

The procurement processes have taken off with the publishing of the tenders by the individual partners. Due to their local specificities and individual requirements, joint procurement was not possible. It was replaced by a coordinated preparation of the tenders and operations. The technical aspects of the trucks were exchanged and information about the various manufacturers was gathered. Collecting and analysing the market for heavy duty fuel cell trucks is an important contribution to future large-scale deployment efforts. Today, the market for fuel cell powered garbage trucks is still in its baby shoes and the demand created by projects like Hector, is vital for small scale manufacturers to develop and grow.

With the deployment of the 7 trucks, this project expects to reduce CO2 emissions by 6,785 tonnes per year by replacing 7 conventional diesel trucks. To establish the precise reduction, baseline data about conventional diesel trucks will be compared to data from the fuel cell trucks in operating conditions. Data collection is a valuable contribution to determine the positive environmental impact of hydrogen trucks and thereby inform procurement officers and decision makers in the future.

After the meeting, the Aberdeen City Council gave the partners a tour of the city’s hydrogen production and refuelling station, as well as the existing fleet of fuel cell vehicles (5 busses, a street sweeper and various vans). 

Click here to learn more about Aberdeen’s hydrogen strategy and their various projects related to hydrogen mobility. 


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