Off-site Manufacturing Plant Visit

On the 30th of April, 3 Counties Energy Agency (3CEA) and pilot partner Wexford County Council visited The Timber Frame Company (TTFC), a local off-site manufacturing plant that designs, develops and delivers high-quality timber frame homes to Ireland and the UK. The visit was aimed at understanding the process of this particular manufacturing method and how to incorporate low energy aspects such as insulation values, technology integration, etc. into home building.

The Timber Frame Company (TTFC) plant in Wexford, Ireland.


At TTFC plant in Wexford Town, Ireland, the H4.0E partners were led through a thorough a description of processes and materials used during manufacturing of the timber frame structures. These timber frame homes are particularly relevant to the cold and wet climate of Ireland and the UK in Northern Europe, as they are easier to insulate than a traditional masonry building.

3CEA and pilot partner Wexford County Council also received a showcase from the TTFC design team on current projects across various sector, as well as walk through of TTFC plant to get an insider's look on the supply-chain, equipment and quality of fit.

The site visit allowed the 3CEA and Wexford County Council team to assess how a similar process or company to TTFC can fit into the H4.0E project objectives in short and long term. Meeting with the TTFC also gave the H4.0E team a better understanding of the whole process involved  – from design to manufacturing, delivery and installing.

The lovely H4.0E representatives from 3CEA and Wexford County Council visited the TTFC plant this April to get an inside look into timber frame home construction and its applicability to the H4.0E partnership.


Additionally, the TTFC site visit served as an excellent networking opportunity with a key stakeholder in the region who is in a good position to deliver Housing 4.0 Energy model in future. 

The whole experience was eye-opening and proved to team that there are companies in the market who are heavily involved in this new construction model approach for quick and affordable housing solutions. It also allowed for the Irish H4.0E team to understand what elements of proposed designs would need to be modified to best fit into timber frame home solution in their region.

(Above, Below) Some examples from the manufacturing aspect of the timber frame construction.


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