Housing 4.0 Energy Online Course

South West College (SWC), located in Northern Ireland, is leading the development of training programmes for end-users and the construction sector under Work Package 4 ''Innovative techniques and tools''. SWC will coordinate the adaptation and implementation of these training programmes in the partner regions in scanning and assessing technologies, tools and materials for affordable zero energy and low carbon footprint building of small houses. The development of tailored training programmes and virtual learning materials in energy efficient and low carbon construction will allow for a lasting legacy of the project after its competition.

The development of the Housing 4.0 Energy Online Course covers both the Construction Industry and the Occupants Guide to Near-Zero Energy Homes (NZEH). The course includes the following 3 Units:

  • Unit 1: Construction Industry Guide to NZEH
  • Unit 2: Occupants Guide to NZEH
  • Unit 3: User Guide to Housing 4.0 Energy User Platform

Each section within the course looks at different ways of making the content more visually appealing and interactive for the user. Animated videos have been designed to complement the content, which also will be available in various languages. The development is still ongoing, with some video footage hopefully to be recorded in June/July regarding the different technologies used. Short quizzes are also to be added after each section, so that users can conduct a quick recap on what they have just learnt.

The course is designed to be used on PC, Tablet or Smartphone, ensuring it is user-friendly on all systems.

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