H4.0E Guidebook in Development

To ensure the longevity of the Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) Housing 4.0 Energy (H4.0E) project, 3 Counties Energy Agency - 3CEA (Ireland), along with the project consortium, are developing a H4.0E Guidebook to transfer and replicate the H4.0E concept & to show others how to develop H4.0E designs.

This H4.0E Guidebook is targeted towards those in the construction industry, policy makers and drivers, and future users of H4.0E houses including individuals that will live in the houses and the authorities that will run them. The aim of the H4.0E Guidebook is to serve serve as a tool for these groups to better understand H4.0E principles and practices and to be used to encourage others to take them on.

The H4.0E Guidebook shall be available as both a physical and a digital information booklet looking to educate the reader on the principles and practices of H4.0E while also telling the story of the project. It will not give the in-depth necessary to replicate the project, but it will link the reader to where such information is available.

The H4.0E Guidebook should be finalised by Summer 2022...stay tuned!

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