Good energy during the Transnational H4.0E Digital Platform Meeting

On November 28 and 29, a two-day transnational workshop regarding Work Package 5 - Develop, use and improve the digital H4.0E platform was held in Almere, Netherlands. The workshop gave the pilot partners insight on how the platform will work and how to contribute to its development.

The workshop provided the partners insight on the technical operation of the platform, specifically regarding the ‘backend’ of the platform. A presentation about the design guidelines also helped the partners in getting comfortable with the selection of a digital building system.

There are still some questions among the partners to work through, but so far the project is very much on track, still being in an early phase of the Work Package. The organization responsible for Work Package 5 will separately speak to each pilot partner and discuss their specific building systems and the integration in to the platform.

Partners from five different countries across North West Europe meeting in Almere, Netherlands to discuss the project's digital H4.0E platform.


The Work Package 5 - Develop, use and improve the digital H4.0E platform represents a complex subject, but there is a lot of positive energy within the transnational partnership. At the meeting, the partners together designated a few potential institutional barriers for Work Package 5 to work on for the long term. They also explored the connection of Work Package 4 - Innovative tools and techniques to Work Package 5, and vice versa. Generally, the collaboration between the partners is well underway, since Work Package 5 is becoming more and more specific in accomplishing the intended goal.

Finally, during the partners' visit to Almere's tiny house building expo on the second day of the workshop, WikiHouse stood out as being a wonderfully innovative building system with a high-quality finish. Many of the other tiny houses within the expo seemed to be a tiny version of long existing building systems - but this is also something for the partners to learn from!

All in all, the transnational workshop in Almere allowed H4.0E to end 2018 with a bang, as well as set the stage for a productive and low carbon 2019.

November 2018: Tiny House Expo in Almere, Netherlands.

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