Flemish regional stakeholders discuss bottlenecks and opportunities in Flemish Brabant

Lead partner Flemish Brabant convened Flemish Stakeholders this April to discuss bottlenecks and opportunities in policy and regulations. The H4.0E Regional Stakeholder Group (RSG) for Flanders consists of regional and local public authorities, including builders, installers and technicians, (social) housing companies, community building actors, national and local policy makers, and experts and innovators in the field of circular building and materials, building techniques and technical equipment.

The meeting was conducted in the form of a focus group on April 2nd in the provincial building of Leuven. The Province of Flemish Brabant (PFB) organised group discussions on specific topics, which were each led by a moderator. The discussion was recorded and analysed later.

The second Regional Stakeholder Group (RSG) meeting of the Province of Flemish Brabant this April in Leuven.

Session 1: Low-carbon and circular construction

  • Housing policies: What are the housing laws, regulations or policies that prohibit/inhibit the realisation of the pilot houses in Flanders? Which economic policies or financial schemes could prohibit/inhibit the realisation of the six H4.0E dwellings in Flanders?
  • Renewable energy policies: What energy transition policies are positively or negatively affecting the implementation of the project in Flanders?
  • Construction regulations: What are the current technical building regulations in Flanders prohibiting/inhibiting the realisation of the pilot dwellings? With a focus on energy saving standards, what are the specific technical demands affecting the successful implementation of these houses?
  • Land use regulations: What are the planning or land use policies/laws that could hinder or facilitate the replication of the Flemish case?

Session 2: The pilot’s upscaling within the social housing sector

  • Considering the changes within the social housing sector, what are the additional barriers or inhibitors that could be faced when upscaling the pilot in the social housing sector?
  • Are there opportunities as well? Do housing laws, regulations or policies and energy transition policies differ regionally in Belgium? Do technical building regulations differ regionally in Belgium?

The Flemish regional stakeholders discussing the most effective way to roll out the Housing 4.0 Energy project in their region. 

A third moderated session of the RSG meeting on ''General upscaling within Flanders through the digital platform'' was planned, but due to a lack of time, these topics will likely be included in a separate regional stakeholders meeting in a later stage of the project.

Thanks to the insights highlighted during this RSG meeting, bottlenecks and opportunities can be taken into account when the pilot dwellings will be upscaled to a higher level. The stakeholder report on institutional barriers will be used to create awareness of necessary changes to make Housing 4.0 Energy possible on a larger scale.

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