BAMB Building as Materials Banks – Industry Day and Site Visit

This February, "BAMB Industry Day – Buildings As Material Banks – a pathway for a Circular Future"  was organised in Brussels together with a site visit of the BAMB pilot project, ''Circular Retrofit Lab''. The second day of the two-day event was structured around an interactive site visit to the BAMB pilot project, the Circular Retrofit Lab.

On Industry Day, the first day of the two-day European event, different interactive sessions were organised in smaller groups to spark discussion. The sessions included:

  • Reversible building design tools, opening the door to circular construction
  • Making the Right Decision for Circularity
  • Policy Recommendations

Participants in Industry Day at the BAMB event in Brussels hear from different speakers and gather into break-out sessions to share ideas.

In the Circular Retrofit Lab (Brussels) on day two of the event, different types of reversible materials were tested and demonstrated. The visit gave a general introduction to the BAMB project as well as the project's design and construction process. More detailed insight in the reversibility aspects and lessons learned was offered through visits to the experimentation lab (with prototypes of the interior wall systems) and the BAMB pilot construction site. BAMB is currently finishing the renovation of 8 student rooms using a wide range of circular building systems.

BAMB event participants on a site visit to the BAMB pilot site, the Circular Retrofit Lab, in Brussels on the 6th of February 2019. The stakeholders of the event included innovators in the built environment as well as construction industry professionals.

During the breaks, there was always the possibility for networking. BAMB stakeholders and event participants discussed the Interreg NWE project Housing 4.0 Energy with several European-level actors, such as: industry stakeholders, policymakers, invited speakers of the event and the organisers of the event.

Overall, the BAMB Building as Materials Banks – Industry Day and Site Visit in Brussels was a success for H4.0E partner representatives from Kamp C in Belgium, as the event provided an opporuntunity to exchange innovative ideas and offered H4.0E project exposure on a European level.

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