Virtual H4.0E Steering Group Meeting


18 May 2020 - 19 May 2020

On May 18th-19th 2020, the international H4.0E consortium will (virtually) convene for an online Steering Group Meeting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the lunch-to-lunch meeting cannot take place in London, as planned. Therefore, the partnership will meet online to discuss important project updates and resulting actions. 

The agenda for the meeting is as follows: 


Agenda H4.0E Steering Group Meeting Skype 18/19 May

Monday 18 May

 12:30-13:30: WP Management  (PFB/Marijke);

-general planning period 3.1-3.2
-risk analysis
-financial brief with spending degree
- preparation project extension
-next Steering Group meetings?

15 minute break

13:45-14:30: WP5: Update platform (OSL / Helen, Alastair)

  • General update

  • Input pilot data

  • Continued H4.0E digital platform with maintenance plan (WP LT)


14:30 – 15.00: WP Communication Update, deliverables and tasks period 3.1 and3.2 (EIfI-Tech/Chris - Madeline)
       -     General update Communication, dissemination and social media strategies (D1.1) (D1.2)

  • One-minute videos

  • Press interviews and Newsletters

  • Pilot Regions publication

  • 0E international project presentation at relevant conferences

  • Knowledge transfer with other EU projects and initiatives


15 minute break

15:15-16:30: WP LT effects  (3CEA / Alex)

  • Regional stakeholder group meetings for long term engagement

  • NWE-wide implementation plan

  • Ambassadors programme

  • List of potential building sites

  • Guidebook

  • Long Term Cooperation Agreement

  • Transnational visits and workshops

  • 0E Final Conference with workshops at the Expo Almere

16h30 – 16h50: WP6 : update reporting, analysis survey, contacts  with pilots (TU Delft/Cynthia)


Tuesday 19 May

9:00 – 9:45: State of Play Flemish and German pilots (KampC - PFB and EIfI-Tech)

9h45 – 10h30: State of Play Irish pilot and Almere Pilot (3CEA  and Almere)

15 minute break

10h45 – 11h30: WP4 training packages (SWC/Barry)

-             Update work on training packages
-             Translation of training material
-             Lists of target groups for training sessions  (WP LT)

-             Regional agendas for training sessions in the building sector (WP LT)

-             Regional agendas for training sessions for end users (WP LT)

-             Training Workshop at Final Conference (WP LT)

-             On-line training material (WP LT)

11h:30 -11:45: Monitoring equipment (TU Delft / Arjen)


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