Third H4.0E Steering Group Meeting

Almere City Hall, Almere, Netherlands

4 March 2019 - 5 March 2019

The H4.0E partners will meet in Almere, 4-5 March, for a Housing 4.0 Energy Steering Group meeting. The partners will discuss what is going on generally in the project and focus on the deliverables of the coming period. The focus of this will be on the second Regional Stakeholder group and implementations of the solutions/recommendations of the RSGs. Another part of the meeting will be dedicated to the upcoming work packages with updates from each partner.

In addition to this a significant amount of time will be set aside to discuss Techniques/Materials/Building Systems used in the four pilot regions. This will be led by South West College (SWC), 4 pilot regions and Almere, with each partner contributing to output. Almere will also provide a tour to the Raw Materials Collective in Almere with a focus on circular building and circular building materials.

H4.0E 3rd Steering Group Meeting - Almere, NL

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