Housing 4.0 Energy Supply Chain Workshop (Online)


8 July 2020 - 8 July 2020

On Wednesday the 8th July, 3 Counties Energy Agency (3CEA) will be hosting a supply chain workshop which will discuss the Housing 4.0 Energy European project. With the help of industry experts across various sectors, the workshop will encourage participants to come together to share their knowledge and explore the aspects of sustainable energy solutions, building techniques, low carbon construction materials, sustainable manufacturing and supply chain.

The aim of this workshop is to introduce the Housing 4.0 Energy Irish pilot and the Digital Platform, which is currently being developed for use by suppliers, manufacturers, architects, developers, designers of modular build houses and other industry experts. A group discussion will be held on how the project can be enhanced to ensure long-term sustainability and engagement within the industry. The intention is to create knowledge sharing networks between industry experts and allow better understanding of the project goals, understand and explain how the Digital Platform can work for the various end users and introduce which improvements can be made to improve the system and supply chain.


More information about the event can be found on the 3CEA Event Page.

3CEA have invited 8 industry experts to talk at the Supply Chain Workshop Online Event. Ralf Kampe, Alex Hamilton, and Michael Doran of 3CEA will facilitate the workshop and present on the Irish Housing 4.0 Energy pilot project.

Hosted via Zoom, the event will run for approximately 2 hours with numerous speakers across various sectors coming together in an intimate environment. The aim of the more intimate online environment is to assist with knowledge sharing and group discussions on supply chain management within the sustainable housing sector.

The interative workshop will begin at 9:30 GMT and will involve 8 supplier presentations with a virtual round table discussion to conclude.


Workshop Structure

8 July 2020 (09:30-11:30 GMT)

-Welcome Address and Introductions

-Introduction: What is Housing 4.0 Energy?

-Guest Presentations (max 10 minutes per presentation)

1) Digitization of construction, John Whyte, BREgroup, research and advisory services

2) Mass timber building, design, supply chain, Merritt Bucholz, BMCEA, Architect/Designer

3) TF systems and supply, James Mason, TTCF, Timber Frame suppliers

4) TF systems and supply, Paul Glavin, Glavloc® Building Technology, Timber Frame suppliers

5) Modular homes standard, David, Gall, BREgroup, research and advisory services

6) Building material supplier, Joe Fitzgerald, Ecologicalbuildingsystems, low carbon material supplier

7) Insulated Concrete Framework ICF, Denis Weathers, Thermohouse, ICF and supply

8) GGBS concrete and ICF, Susan Mc Garry, Ecocem, technical aspects of GGBS concrete and ICF, embodied CO2

-Virtual round table discussion on how the project can be enhanced and the long-term sustainability & engagement within the industry

-Q&A and Close

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