First meeting of the H4.0E Regional Stakeholder Group for Flanders

Leuven, Belgium

14 November 2018

On the 14th of November, lead partner Flemish Brabant will convene Flemish Stakeholders to discuss techniques, materials and building systems that will be demonstrated and tested in the Housing 4.0 Energy pilots.

The H4.0E Regional Stakeholder Group for Flanders consists of regional and local public authorities, sectoral agencies, (social) housing companies, private investors, architects/engineers, construction companies, universities and expertise centers.

In a first meeting, they will discuss the following questions:

  • Which techniques, materials and buillding systems can and should be tested in small pilot houses in Flanders, taking into account the actual knowledge level, innovations, regulatory changes, the political and societal climate, changing hosing needs and wishes?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses in Flanders in this respect?
  • Which innovative solutions can be successful in Flanders if they are demonstrated here?

The focus will be on affordable solutions for small households, based on digital design and digital (re)production, zero of nZero energy, and low embedded carbon.

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