Joint ISHY and H2SHIPS workshop

ISHY and H2SHIPS, two Interreg-funded projects, share not only two project partners (TU Delft and the Port of Oostende), but also the ambition to trigger the energy transition for short-sea and inland shipping, and showcase green hydrogen as an essential asset for sustainable ports.

On 17th and 18th May 2021, following on from the annual Workshop on Fuel Cell Systems organised by the Centre for Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Research at the University of Birmingham, that in normal times takes place in Bruges, the meeting this year was turned into an online session focusing on maritime and port applications of hydrogen and fuel cell systems. Attracting over 40 participants, this event was structured around the presentation of both projects’ developments.

The ship applications showcased the diversity of contexts and technical solutions: solid H2 storage for a passenger vessel in Amsterdam, step-by step approach for the retrofit of an inland barge in the Netherlands, no-go for Hydrogen in one of the ISHY ships, which had to go for a full battery-solution, diesel fuel cell for a large sea-going ship… The wide range of internal (operational profile, space limitations…) and external (permitting, infrastructure…) constraints makes it impossible to define standardised alternatives to diesel internal combustion engines, and calls upon the ability of owners and designers to think out of the box. A tough challenge, but those who want to take it up currently benefit from a positive political context.

For further information on the ISHY project, please have a look at the project webpage : 


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