Comparative report on alternative fuels for ship propulsion

The report from partner Hydrogen Europe contains a techno-economic analysis of various shipping business models relevant for the North-West Europe (NWE) area. The analysis is made on the basis of total cost of ownership comparison and covers all relevant types of vessels - from inland ships, through vessels operating within port areas like tugs and pushers, to sea-going vessels used exclusively for short sea application e.g. ferries, ro-ro ships, general cargo ships and small containerships. 

This report aims at assessing the long-term viability of various hydrogen-based solutions for the full decarbonization of NWE shipping. More specifically, the goal is to see what role can hydrogen technologies and hydrogen itself play in reducing the GHG footprint of shipping in the NWE region, which solutions work best for which ship types and applications and what are the techno-economic barriers for a wide adoption of hydrogen as marine fuel.

Results of this study will serve as a basis for further value chain analysis. 

The full report is available here 

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