Hydrogen Online Conference


HOC will be the largest online hydrogen event in 2020. Thousands of the world’s smartest hydrogen executives, experts, scientists and policy makers join Hydrogen Online Conference for one reason: The Content.
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INEC 2020

, virtual

The International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition is the foremost professional event in the naval engineer's calendar and in 2020 seeks to build on previous successes and expand its international credentials.
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CCNR Workshop "Alternative Energy Sources For Electrical Propulsion Systems" / Save the Date

, Brussels, Belgium

The workshop is dedicated to electrical propulsion systems that are supplied with electrical energy from alternative energy sources, such as fuel cells or batteries, and explicitly not to conventional fuel combustion. The workshop is intended to demonstrate that electrical propulsion systems will assume a pivotal role in achieving the objective of reducing pollutants and greenhouse gases in inland navigation. This requires the sharing of information on which technologies are already available or which are in development, and the technical, economic and organisational challenges to implementation that exist. The workshop is intended to identify targeted measures for supporting the energy transition and promote awareness of the fact that the inland navigation sector will in future require more electrical energy and alternative environmentally friendly energy carriers.
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