Design specs mobile refueler made public

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Project partners Wystrach and WaterstofNet made the design specifications of the mobile hydrogen refuelling station (the 'WyRefueler') public. This deliverable is part of work package I2 (‘the design, building and demonstration of a hydrogen mobile refueler’) of the H2-Share project. The deliverable is a short report describing the specifications and the design of the hydrogen storage (tank container) and refuelling station (refueller container), which you can find attached. Read More

Wystrach presents the H2-Share tank container

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It’s been quiet on the H2-Share front recently, but now the momentum is building again. Within H2-Share the German company Wystrach GmbH is commissioned to design, build and demonstrate a low energy mobile refueler. Wystrach has now unveiled its tank container (a part of the mobile refueler). Dirk Paessens, Project manager at Wystrach, gave us the following interview: Read More