Increase building's attractivity

A rooftop greenhouse (RG) is not a simple agricultural production tool. It is a way to increase the whole building value, and to show your interest in modernity and ecology. Rooftop greenhouse can be used to product fruits and vegetables only, in an intensive way, or can also be seen as a place for people to meet and exchange. Even if the economic rentability is not directly reached, RG can then afford much more, in social and ecological terms. And finally, being involved in these societal questions makes the building much more attractive than it used to be, according to a growing part of the population. It is then indirectly that you can reach economic viability. Few exemples witness this affirmation.

For the « Nouvel’R » project lead by Axone promotion in Arcueil (94) close to Paris, the 200 m² RG accelerated the sale of the appartments. In only two weeks, every single appartment was sold. Even if there is already a big landed pressure, the greenhouse did improve the whole building attractivity. Nouvel’R is one of the ten projects that have been selected by GROOF. The building will be coached and follow during one year by our experts.

In London, the Sky Garden, lying on a 160 meters high building, is hosting people during events, and tourists during the day. Equiped with restaurants and bars, the 2000 m² RG is one of the must be done in London’s towncenter. To control the growing affluence, you now have to book your journey. Be careful, the RG is full everyday and for many weeks all year long !


Nowadays, even in town, people are looking for nature. 92% of the french citizens are indeed thinking that there is not enough nature in towns. Added on an old building or planned from the beggining, there is possibilities to invest buildings roofs and make profit, create interaction, and trap carbon !

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