The ICTA-UAB is part of the new project FoodE!

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We are pleased to announce the beginning of the new Horizon 2020 project FoodE! FoodE aims to accelerate the growth of sustainable and resilient City/Region Food Systems (CRFS) by bringing together citizen-led local food initiatives across Europe. FoodE seeks to build a “Think global, eat local” mindset with a view to addressing pressing global challenges that threaten food security, while boosting the local economy. Read More

How rooftop greenhouses can reduce the environmental aspect of horticulture

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Sealing ground is a problem which negatively impacts the water balance since the soil cannot be used as a water puffer anymore. This results in surface water not being able to be added to the groundwater level which can directly lead to flooding. On the other hand, this water does not get added to the groundwater which can have severe consequences for the quality of the groundwater and the actual amount. Lacking groundwater will lead to more concentrated toxic substances and in the far run to possible draughts. Read More

Increase building's attractivity

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A rooftop greenhouse (RG) is not a simple agricultural production tool. It is a way to increase the whole building value, and to show your interest in modernity and ecology. Rooftop greenhouse can be used to product fruits and vegetables only, in an intensive way, or can also be seen as a place for people to meet and exchange. Read More