NI Hydrogen Training Academy radio interview

GenComm Prpgramme Manager Paul McCormack was interviewed on February 2nd , 2022 on the Good Morning Ulster progrramme on BBC Radio Ulster. Pauls interview took place at the launch of the new hydrogen training academy . This £700,000 project led by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council is a public and private partnership between business and academia. The HTA is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland. Speaking outside a training pod in Ballymena Paul explained how we can pivot business models to new job opportunities, quality jobs through the training academy in Mid and East Antrim. Paul added that working in partnership with further education, in Northern Regional College, Belfast Metropolitan Collage with Ulster University and Queens University, Belfast we can develop the skills continium. Graham Whitehurst, MBE, Chairman of Mid and East Antrim Manufacturing Taskforce said it was a very exciting day for the borough and he offered a great thanks to Belfast Met and NRC for developing these courses. Pauls interview starts at 1.16 on the link provided. Go to the February 2, 2022 link.

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