Invest NI feasibility studies can help companies become greener

Invest NI feasibility studies help companies  become greener


Invest NI can now help you investigate new innovative energy technologies for your business.


Sam Knox, Invest NI, Business Development Executive and GenComm Steering Committee member points out the importance of the new energy surveys on offer, saying:  “ Hydrogen produces zero CO2 when combustion takes place and it has the potential to play an increasing role in the decarbonisation of our energy supply to help achieve the zero carbon target of 2050.


“Similar to natural gas, hydrogen can be used for heating, industrial processes, power generation, energy storage and transport but we will need to take into account many factors such as; what technologies are available and suitable for your business, the training of personnel, planning consents, health and safety requirements and the economic business case for the application of the various technologies.


“To accelerate the potential application of such new innovative energy technologies, Invest NI are offering client companies fully funded technology feasibility studies by independent consultants to help provide a basic understanding of what will be needed to develop commercial projects for businesses that support the journey to a zero carbon economy.”


Invest NI also provide consultancy support to help businesses be more energy and resource efficient by identifying cost savings under the following themes:


Resource Efficiency and Waste Management Systems,

Efficient Technology and Processing Systems,

Renewable Energy Systems,

Energy Management and Efficiency,

Investigation of New Technologies,

Packaging Solutions,

Standards, Accreditation and Systems,

Transport and Logistics Efficiency,

Sustainable Business Collaborations.


Expressions from interested businesses should be sent for the attention of Sam Knox by 15 December at and the surveys will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

 Sam Knox
Business Development Executive
Energy & Resource Efficiency
Invest Northern Ireland, Bedford Square, Bedford Street. Belfast. BT2 7ES.

 Sam Knox is a Business Development Executive in the Energy and Resource Efficiency Team at Invest Northern Ireland. He is an Energy Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the sector and has delivered new business opportunities in the technology areas of energy efficiency, bio-energy, offshore wind, water and waste water. He is presently responsible for the development of opportunities associated with smart grid including energy storage and intelligent energy systems and is a GenComm Steering Group member.


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