GenComm presenting at European Hydrogen Week on October 26, 2022

Paul McCormack, Programme Manager of the Belfast Met led EU hydrogen project GenComm is to speak on the subject of ‘Hydrogen Valleys under REPowerEU”, at European Hydrogen Week, on the 26th of October 2022 from 15:00 – 16:00 in Brussels.

This event now in its third year is dedicated to showing the potential of clean hydrogen and discussing the very latest developments in the hydrogen world. A session on day one, ‘Building the Global Hydrogen Economy’ will look at Europe’s potential for the use of hydrogen. This will be moderated by Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO, Hydrogen Europe.

A day two session includes, ‘Transforming the mobility sector with hydrogen’. This session will have panel debates on maritime and aviation and road transport itself. There will also be a ‘Clean Hydrogen in Industry’ session on day two with Kerstin Jorna, Director General, DG GROW, European Commission making the keynote speech.

A B2B forum at the week-long event will have a session on ‘European Clean Hydrogen Alliance: Project Pipeline One Year On’. In November 2021 the Alliance published a pipeline of 750 Clean Hydrogen projects that its members were preparing to undertake. There will be an explanation of what has happened since and update on whether these projects have attracted investment.

There will also be a session on the ‘Clean Hydrogen Monitor 2022’. This will have a presentation of the results from the Clean Hydrogen Monitor 2022 of Hydrogen Europe’s annual report. The presentation will cover the main results of the report, the current hydrogen market in Europe, pricing of clean hydrogen, industry ambitions for both production and consumption of clean hydrogen, European legislation developments and an overview of relevant national policies. The keynote speech will be made by Stephen Jackson, Chief Funding and Intelligence Officer, Hydrogen Europe.

European Hydrogen Week is a Policy Conference focused on Research and Innovation activities in the EU under the lead of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership with a dedicated Event on Hydrogen Valleys in the framework of the REPowerEU Strategy.

Looking forward to speaking at the event GenComm Programme Manager, Paul McCormack said: “Hydrogen is now a critical part of the European response to the climate and energy crisis. The development of EU wide Hydrogen Valleys and interconnecting ecosystems that link hydrogen production, transportation, storage, distribution, and end use is essential in the development of our new hydrogen economy. Acceleration of Green H2 deployment and SMART H2 applications can be achieved through the Hydrogen Valley approach which are test beds for new Power to X (P2X) technologies delivering significant carbon intensity reductions and allied security results for our energy supplies.’



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