Formation of a Group to Coordinate the Introduction of Hydrogen Fuel cell Transport in Ireland

Hydrogen Mobility Ireland (HMI) is a recently formed coalition of leading industrial stakeholders with a strong interest in the deployment of hydrogen mobility, working alongside relevant public sector policy stakeholders.

By February of this year HMI had a core of 11 Commercial company members and four policy stakeholders (see panel below).  The group set out to spend six months developing a strategy paper and have retained leading international consultants, Element Energy, to this end. We intend to deliver this paper in quarter three of this year.

Mission of HMI

Our mission is to plan a path to the mass market introduction of these vehicles so that they contribute on a meaningful level to Ireland’s transport mix.

In doing this, the group expects to realise several benefits for Ireland: making a significant contribution to decarbonising transport; improving energy security through local production of hydrogen; creating economic value through enabling new industries for the production and distribution of hydrogen as well as through its use in vehicles.

Specific Aims

  1. Create the conditions to facilitate the production of low carbon hydrogen for use in transport
  2. Facilitate the rolling out of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure on a national basis
  3. Enable the introduction of FCEV transport across various vehicle categories








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