Development of the Community Hydrogen Forum (CH2F)

Hydrogen is a multipurpose energy carrier that can be produced from renewable electricity through electrolysis. The roles of hydrogen in the future energy system are: short or long-term energy storage, a zero-carbon transportation fuel, a zeroemission heating fuel, a high-purity gas for industry, and an essential substance to produce synthetic natural gas. The knowledge of the GenComm partners in the technical and economic aspects of hydrogen utilisation will be summarised into a web-based decision support tool (H2GO). As one of GenComm’s objectives, this tool will guide energy communities, investors, policymakers, academia and industries to build hydrogen storage. Those stakeholders will form the Europewide Community H2 Forum (CH2F). The main objectives of CH2F are (1) to educate its member and stakeholders towards a hydrogen economy, (2) to develop strategies and policies for hydrogenadvancement, interaction and discussion among CH2F members, which will enable understanding of the practical aspects of hydrogen as well as its investment costs. Ultimately, our CH2F can help to coordinate plans to broaden hydrogen penetration as energy storage. CH2F covers the Northwest Europe regionincluding Ireland, UK, France, Belgium,Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany.
If you are interested in joining the CH2F or have any queries, please contact:
Dr. Rory Monaghan
Arya Gunawan

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