Presentations from Hydrogen-Exploring opportunities in the NI Energy Transition webinar- 11 November 2020

Virtual webinar

11 November 2020 - 11 November 2020

Videos from the November 11 webinar, 'Hydrogen-Exploring opportunities in the NI Energy Transition'


Paul Mc Cormack


Meabh Cormacain


Alexandru Floristean


Dr Patrick Cnubben


Dr Rory Monaghan





Energy Policy Perspective-Meabh Cormacian, Department for the Economy , (NI)

Hydrogen Europe-Hydrogen's role in the EU's plans for Energy Transition-Alexandru Floristean, Hydrogen Europe

The Vision and Progress to Date of the HEAVENN Project-Dr Patrick Cnubben, New Energy Coalition

NUI Galway-NI project-Dr Rory Monaghan, NUIG

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