HAZEL Series of Webinars - 22 Sept to 17 Nov 2020


22 September 2020 - 17 November 2020

We are pleased to announce that our HAZEL series of webinars will commence on 22 September. 

The 'Hydrogen-Enabled Zero Emission Supply Chains' series of five webinars will address the production, sustainability, safety, application, innovation and entrepreneurship of the Hydrogen value chain.

The opening webinar on 22 September will look at "Industrial Sector-Coupling using a Connected eH2 cycle". 

Energy sector coupling refers to the increased integration of different energy carriers with their end uses, and is an area that Germany and the EC are increasingly focusing on.

The webinar will feature representatives from the Federal State Ministry in Saarland, Germany, the leading German manufacturer BOSCH, the German research institute, IZES gGmbH and the Assistant Professor of Energy Sustainability & Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Development at Dublin City University, Dr James Carton.

Webinar 1 - 22nd September: 'Industrial Sector-Coupling using a Connected eH2 cycle'


10:00 BST: Introduction, Paul McCormack, Innovation Manager, Belfast Metropolitan College

10:05 BST: "Hydrogen Model Region - Federal State of Saarland”, Nicola Sacca, Federal State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment, Energy and Transport, Saarland, Germany

10:15 BST: "GenComm Solar-Powered Hydrogen Refuelling Station”, Dr Bodo Groß, IZES gGmbH, Germany

10:25 BST: "Industrial Sector-Coupling using a Connected eH2-Cycle", Dr Frank Kruchten, Robert BOSCH GmbH, Germany

10:40 BST: "Hydrogen Scale-Up: Where, When & How", Dr James Carton, Chair of Hydrogen Ireland & Asst Professor of Energy Sustainability & Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Development, Dublin City University

10:50 BST: Q&A

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Webinar 2: 6th October

"Hydrogen Sustainability - H2 DXNET - Hydrogen injection into natural gas distribution networks."


Draft Agenda

1:Prof Viktor Hacker, Graz University of Technology, Austria: ‘Decentralized Hydrogen Production from green Methane - The Reformer Steam Iron Cycle (RESC)’

2:Mr James Burchill, Head of Asset Operations, Gas Networks Ireland: ‘Gas Grid Injection - The Challenges’

3:Dr Helmut Lachmund, Manager Research & Development/Steelmaking, Dillinger Huttenwerke AG: ‘Prospects and conditions  for CO2 neutral steel production by 2050’

4:Prof. Rolf Hemplemann, UdS, Sustainable Electrochemistry Tech Trans Centre, Saarland University: 'Hydrogen and STEM Sustainability Education in Saarland´s Schülerlabors'





Webinar 3: 20th October

"Hydrogen Safety - a practical and theoretical analysis of Hydrogen loss through polymeric materials, and development of a H2 sensor for the measurement of hydrogen concentrations in air in the ppb range, and a theoretical model to describe the 3 dimensional transport in hydrogen."

The speakers will represent Mecadi, the European Hydrogen Association, CN-ITM and the University of South Wales.

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Webinar 4: 3rd November

"Hydrogen Application and usage - Hydrogen in a net-zero energy system and H2-powered hybrid heat pumps."

The speakers will represent Energia, Ulster University, Energy Systems Catapult and AVL.

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Webinar 5: 17th November

"Marketable hydrogen innovations - entrepreneurship of innovation of energy carriers through academia and industry alliances."

The speakers will represent IECE Macedonia, Belfast Metropolitan College, Pure Energy Centre and NIC.

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