Hystock Hydrogen

Hystock (Netherlands)

26 June 2019

The Dutch King opened the Hystock hydrogen plant in Veendam. We presented the FCCP during this event as one of the applications of hydrogen in mobility.

His Majesty the King opened on Wednesday, June 26, the green hydrogen installation Hystock from Gasunie in Veendam, Groningen.

The HyStock hydrogen installation converts 1 Megawatt of sustainable electricity into green hydrogen and is therefore the first to apply this process on a serious scale. The objective of Gasunie is to store the hydrogen on a large-scale and economically profitable basis in the underground gas storages of Gasunie's EnergyStock in the near future. It can thus be used as a renewable energy source, even at times when solar and wind energy are not available.


Because hydrogen can be easily and reliably and affordably transported and stored in large quantities, it can play a major role as a clean energy carrier for industry, mobility and the built environment. Converting electricity to hydrogen is a way of absorbing expected surpluses into sustainable electricity in the future. HyStock is the start of a future hydrogen market and thus contributes to the objective of making the Netherlands and Europe CO2 neutral.


During the opening of HyStock, organizations from the international business community, the government and knowledge institutions talked to each other about the follow-up steps that are needed to achieve a truly sustainable economy.

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