4th Partner Meeting in Aberdeen


12 March 2020 - 13 March 2020

Aberdeen City has a large and long running program for hydrogen mobility the FCCP project is adding to the fleet of hydrogen powered busses, vans, road sweeps and cars. The Fuel Cell Cargo Pedelecs will complete the hydrogen powered land-based vehicle portfolio of Aberdeen.

That is why the Aberdeen City Council was hosting the 4th Partner meeting. Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis the onside meeting was last minute canceled and replaced with two web meetings.

The pictures from Aberdeen, taken by Unicorn Engineering, showing the two hydrogen filling stations in Aberdeen “Kittybrewster” and “Cove -A.C.H.E.S.”, both stations providing 350bar and 700bar precooled and non-precooled hydrogen, in both cases hydrogen is produced onside with electrolysis from water. In addition, shown is the “Marischal College” the main office building of the Aberdeen City Council and the harbor of Aberdeen, for sure the next place to extend hydrogen mobility on water….

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