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Ravensbourne is an industry-focused design and digital media university sector college in Greenwich which has already been working with the University of Greenwich on projects such as "A Silicon Health Valley for Greenwich". Ravensbourne's specific role in this project will be to turn the concept and prototype for the digital tools developed during the co-design process into real, user-friendly state-of-art digital tools. To this end, Ravensbourne will make use of their extensive expertise including augmented and virtual reality for learning, Smart Cities and urban design, new filming and narrative technologies, wearable technology and novel materials and production techniques. Their expertise complements that of UoG (focused on co-design methods and implementation across a range of creative industries and cultural contexts).The combination of the two will allow technical innovation to be introduced to a range of cultural and economic settings, in a way that encourages diversity and equality of access. The work of Ravensbourne will support and complement that of UoG, and will be limited to the actual IT-related and graphic development of the digital tools. Ravensbourne will not be involved in training the coaches or in implementing EYES in the participating cities, but will focus on their contribution in WPI1 (and in WP Management). The development of the tools will be done based on a client-focused and agile approach. Ravensbourne will participate in, and contribute to, the co-design panel sessions where the digital tools will be conceptualised. It will thus be engaged in a constant exchange with the co-design panel which represents the product users. Intermediate realisation models of the digital tools will be presented to, and discussed with, the co-design panel during the co-design sessions.

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EYES - Empowering Youth through Entrepreneurial Skills

To enhance innovation performance of enterprises throughout NWE regions

Status: ongoing

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