Transnational panel meeting London

The first transnational panel meeting has taken place in London. Young people with very different backgrounds from Greenwich, Herne, Tilburg and Wattrelos joined the meeting.

The youngsters who participated attented a workshop about 3D-imaging. An 3D-image of their own face was created and they could see themselves as if through other people's eyes. This was an impressive experience because some youngsters were not aware of how they come across to the outside world. This workshop was meant to show that digital tools can add to improving certain skills, it doesn't mean the outcome of the EYES-project will be a digital tool concerning 3D-imaging.

After this workshop the youngsters discussed about entrepreneurial skills and about what young people need in learning these skills. The outcome matched the outcome from the local testbeds. One conclusion was evident: all participants wanted to contribute more to the project and felt they lacked the time to tackle the subject thoroughly. With these lessons in mind, we are organizing the next transnational panel meeting in Lille.

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