Partner meeting in Wattrelos

For three days, Wattrelos Association of Community Centres welcomed its European partners for a new meeting as part of the EYES project which aims to develop the entrepreneurial skills of young people.

Different areas of work…

The purpose of this partnership meeting was to review the progress of the EYES project in the mid-term year about different work packages: version of the design tool (co-designing the EYES approach), communication, develop a curriculum for professional coaches and volunteers, budget, guidelines for communication and management.

We had the pleasure to welcome the youngsters from the different partners who participate to the EYES project. Together with them we examined their expectations around pedagogical games for the future digital tool.


In a friendly atmosphere…


A real pleasure about the progress we made together by involving all experiences of each partner in the many areas of the EYES project. Wattrelos association of Community Centres thanks all the partners for being present at this meeting, and thanks the contribution and involvement of everyone in the project in a warm atmosphere!

Romane, Interreg Volunteer Youth ACSW

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