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The project EYES is about cocreation: projectpartners, coaches and young people jointly combine their experiences and knowledge in creating a new approach. This cocreation is done in local testbeds, but also in transnational panel meetings. This is an example of a local testbed, executed in Gent.

The structure of the workshops was as follows:
1) Introduction. The following topics were discussed: What do youth need (in becoming ‘entrepreneurial’, i.e. reaching entrepreneurial competences, or in reaching their goal related to work)? What support, coaching? What is lacking? What could be optimized? a. Start: individual reflection; draw a line from A -> B, A is where you are now, B is your goal you want to reach in context of work. Draw a line and visualize on this line what obstacles you might encounter and what might help you in overcoming these obstacles. b. Group discussion on needs, successes, challenges.

2) 2 groups working separately but simultaneously on different focus group topics for approx. 1h. Afterwards they shift topics. Following topics were discussed. What digital tools are possible to reach goals, support needs mentioned in introduction? What coaching/counseling could be done online? What could be digital? What content, in what shape? What couldn’t be digital? a. Start: what digital tools (apps, websites, …) do you currently use in general / related to reaching a work-related goal. b. Feedback on existing digital tools. c. Brainstorm about your own digital solution to support youth (and possibly their counselors/coaches) in reaching work-related goals. Draw it and explain it.

3) Closing session (future involvement).  How can youth/you be involved in future international meetings in EYES? a. How do they see participation? What would they be willing to take as a role / to contribute? What would be a good example of an exchange / visit in London? What conditions are there? What should the organizers take into account?

The local sessions were evaluated and shared with all partners.

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