Academic findings support the EYES approach

The EYES discussion paper ‘Key lessons for supporting youth in their steps to work’ comes at the right time. It reassures the EYES project partners that they are on the right track.

The report brings together key lessons from a range of academic studies including international comparative studies on labour market policies for youth. Obviously, the ongoing EYES project activities are committed to four of the five key lessons from the report:
- Prevention, early intervention
- Individualised, tailored support
- Integrated approach
- Create better opportunities

You can find the full discussion paper here

The EYES approach offers a personal coaching process that proactively integrates local networks and stakeholders to (re)connect vulnerable young people to the labour and education market. It builds on a tailored business model canvas to create better opportunities in the long run. The new EYES App supports and activates the coach and the young person on their journey.

An adjusted version of the EYES App has just been released at the beginning of September 2020. It is now being tested by the project partners. The EYES approach and the EYES App will be presented on this website when implementation starts in the five EYES testbeds. 

Watch our video clip to get a first impression of the beneficiaries of the EYES approach and the EYES spirit. 

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