Covid 19 or how Enter to Transform deals with lockdowns

How does the Enter to Transform project work in lockdown? Since March 2020 the Coronavirus has significantly changed the way we live our lives. Many governments imposed lockdowns, prohibiting larger meetings of people except for urgent reasons. This of course has affected Enter to Transform as well. The projects lives from the exchange between partners, from discussions and creative events. Most administrative tasks can be done digitally from the office as well as home.  To share knowledge, split the tasks and discuss next steps, regular online meetings have been held. For different events we developed new concepts which open new opportunities. For most of our implementation partners, who work directly with the refugees, Covid 19 posed higher challenges, but they managed the situation well. The core benefits of Enter to Transform, the mentoring of refugee restarters and the creation of hubs has started online. With mentoring podcasts and videos of the showroom we will start online and hope to meet the target group face to face in winter 2021.

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