ENERGE Kick-off

2019-04-10, Lille, France

ENERGE partners met in Lille on April 10th . The subject of this meeting was to present the aim, the expected results and the activities of the project.

ENERGE is a multidisciplinary - technological, sociological and digital - project that focuses on energy sobriety in 12 European schools and targets mainly young students. This project aims to achieve a minimum 15% reduction in total energy consumption at 12 demonstration site schools over the project period & will engage and enable management, teachers, students and maintenance staff (entire school ecosystem) to reduce energy consumption by developing a new web-based platform tailored to different stakeholder within the school ecosystem. ENERGE committees will be established in the demonstration schools to provide a focus for transnational engagement of project schools, longterm studies of the project impact & to enable the whole school community engage with & sustain energy efficiency & GHG mitigation.

During the kick-off meeting, partners expressed their willingness about the project and its ambition to reduce both the energy consumption of the schools and the GHG emissions.

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