The local energy acceleration days

Lochem, The Netherlands

13 November 2018 - 15 November 2018

The number of initiatives by citizens and farmers to jointly generate local sustainable energy is slowly but surely increasing.
Nevertheless, the start-up of an energy cooperative to meet the local energy needs is still not easy nor obvious labelled. The
European ECCO project offers a solution for this. Experienced pioneers in Northwest Europe share knowledge and expertise
and make their proven business cases available to starting sister organizations.

Every ECCO project partner is challenged to bring some new initiatives to this second international ECCO meeting for gaining
inspiration and knowledge. Additional contributions or suggestions on the program outlined below are most welcome. This
allows the ECCO network to grow rapidly and significantly contributing to our European energy and climate goals.

You are cordially invited to participate in this international meeting in Lochem and to contribute actively to workshops, master classes, excursions and debates. This applies to local cooperatives, administrators of governments and representatives of knowledge centers and umbrella organizations who want to start the energy transition in their own region. LochemEnergie has prepared an intensive program that involves the practical exchange of knowledge and experience. The formation of new partnerships are put central.


On the first day LochemEnergie and its local partners offer excursions in combination with master classes on various subjects. You get an impression of the various things that we are working on in practice, such as wind energy, hydropower, solar parks, electric shared cars and the use of biomass. On the second day we have a conference program with renowned key-note speakers, a quiz, speed dating at European level and a colourful collection workshops. On the third day we turn over the roles and our (inter) national participants are asked for help on problem areas that we encounter here in the region.


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