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What does a psychologist think about online treatment?

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Since August 2018 I have been working as a psychologist in our online treatment team. In the past 20 years, I have conducted mostly face-to-face sessions, and online treatment was not very common. During this time, we did start to use more email and also WhatsApp, which resulted in more and faster contacts. I had never worked with online modules before, in our case the modules from Minddistrict. I will summarize my first experiences with online treatment. Read More

Reducing depressive feelings with Virtual Reality

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Can virtual reality help someone with a depression? Arq Psychotrauma Expert Group, VU University Amsterdam and an SME called IJsfontein believe so. In co-creation they have developed a virtual reality application called 'Lunchroom Sunday'. The application is developed within the e-Mental Health Center (eGGZ Centrum), a European Regional Development funded project which is also sponsored by the province of Noord-Holland. The project focuses on setting up an e-mental health center in the Netherlands. Read More

The Future of Digital Mental Health in Northern Ireland

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Roundtable discussions are currently being organised by the Mental Health Foundation as the UK partner in the eMEN project to explore critical issues related to policy development, specifically regarding the challenges, benefits and ethics of developing and implementing digital mental health technologies in the four countries of the UK. The overall aim of these discussions is to use key findings from each of the four countries to inform the eMEN project’s Transnational Policy Solution document, with recommendations specific to the UK context. Read More