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eMEN capitalisation proposal approved by the Interreg NWE Monitoring Committee

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The eMEN project will continue until the end of 2021 with additional Interreg NWE funding for the implementation of a number of capitalisation activities. The objective of the capitalisation is to implement specific process innovation activities which stimulate roll-out of eMH technology to service providers in rural areas and transnational. Capitalisation will be implemented in the Netherland, Belgium, France, Germany and Ireland . Read More

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and personalised mental health interventions (Oyono Vlijter, eMEN project leader)

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In many countries there is a clear need to improve access to treatment services. There are not enough clinicians to frequently monitor patients with clinical interviews, necessary to avoid costly emergency care and other crisis events. In addition, clinicians have limited time for each patient and patients do not always live in a short distance from their mental health service providers. Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot simulate emotional intelligence and perception - a unique aspect of psychiatry - it could be an effective way to breach the gap between limited access and treatment time. Read More

Davos CEOs open up on mental health

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"We need a new approach to mental health and wellbeing at work, major CEOs argued at Davos. Recognising a 24-hour culture that blurs the division between home and work, corporate leaders explored solutions for a healthier future. “What happens in a day of life at work? It’s so different now…. We were taught to believe that you can leave your problems at home and come and focus on the work, now your problems walk with you every day, every minute, every hour, and it’s because in a large part of the technology and the connections,” said Bernard Tyson, CEO of health company Kaiser Permanente. The crossover cuts both ways: one study found US workers spent on average five hours every weekend checking work email." Read More