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Disaster Response, Mental Health, and Community Resilience (article by Dr. Josef Ruzek)

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Dr. Josef Ruzek has written an interesting article in Psychiatric Times about disaster response, mental health and community resilience. Please find below some excerpts of this article (which was published on January 27th 2020): “The increase in repeated disasters and associated social stressors linked to global warming is likely to affect the mental wellbeing of billions of persons in the 21st century, increasing risk for depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger and violence, social disruption and displacement, and social conflict. This means that our current conceptual frame of disaster response will be too narrow to address the many problems created and exacerbated by climate change...” Read More

eMEN seminar in Paris with focus on training and app evaluation

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The fourth and last French Emen conference "E-mental health (eMH): Training of Stakeholders & Evaluation of Tools" that took place at the Ministry for Solidarity and Health in Paris on the 6th of March 2020 gathered 150 people: health care professionals and peer support workers, researchers and academics, nonprofit actors, public personalities, mental health users, private sector from France, Europe or Canada. Read More

Online masterclasses online treatment with e-mental health

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At the beginning of 2020, the world was confronted with the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. With this outbreak the demand for online treatment increased dramatically. But not al health personnel knows exactly how to use and treat people with e-mental health (eMH). E-health Specialists, a company which want to promote the hands on use of e-mental health (eMH), started organizing free webinars on online treatment in March. Read More