First Regional Innovation Hub Heerlen a fact

A lively discussion followed, which shows that circular construction, the development of a digital platform and the reuse of building materials is an important point of attention within all parties, such as contractors, builders, demolishers, architects and designers on the one hand and the government (municipality, province and city ​​region) on the other side. Collaboration between these parties is essential to get things moving in the field of circular construction (and demolition). Questions such as “How do you know how to stimulate not only the deconstruction sector, but also the construction sector?”, “How can construction and demolition waste be made suitable for 3D printing?” and “What exactly is reversible BIM?” were answered by the project partners present and Ron Jacobs from Jansen Bouw. Harald van Hooren of the Province of Limburg and lead partner of the project, spoke about what the project entails. Paul Consten of Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg spoke about the role of circularity in the transformation of the Parkstad region. Ron explained how the development of a materials passport is a fact, whereby the QR code is an indispensable data tool for the construction and demolition industry. Afterwards, a short POLL was held and moderator Yanick Dols of Brightlands Smart Services Campus closed the Hub at 5 pm. A follow-up to this 1st RIH will take place in June 2022, and if all goes well, live from the campus studio in Heerlen.

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