Circular construction and demolition possible thanks to the correct data infrastructure of building materials

Within the European project Digital Deconstruction (DDC - Interreg NWE), project partner BlockMaterials, is, in collaboration with the other European partners, responsible for developing the right data infrastructure for the construction sector. With the results of the pilots within the project, a sustainable data infrastructure is built with a view to circular construction and demolition. By developing this for the construction and demolition sector, liability, quality and reliability of materials in buildings can be qualitatively recorded at low transaction costs in order to make the process of demolition and construction circular.

The assurance is possible by recording the identity that materials receive in a material passport that is linked to a blockchain registration, which is developed by BlockMaterials. Adding property rights and liability to this makes it possible to create long-term contracts, which also makes circularity enforceable. With this infrastructure within the DDC-project, a connection can be made between the private and public sector, whereby liability and responsibility are formally established by location and time.

Moreover, this infrastructure can now be used to set up a digital trading platform for materials, which brings the reusability of materials for the long term and for many parties closer. Ultimately, this leads to a universal Circular Building Index Label.

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