Crossing Boundaries

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The conference ‘CROSSING BOUNDARIES, Towards a circular, sustainable and vital built environment’ aims to create a platform on which knowledge on the subject can be exchanged on a scientific level, to study the environmental and economic implications and to share experiences on the latest developments in the field of circular building. Harald van Hooren, Leadpartner of DDC was present: Read More

Looking for SME's

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Digital Deconstruction is looking for SME’s who are interested in improving the development of digital tools to support and improve demolition, recycling and reuse process. The aim is to align the development of this tool(s) as much as possible in practice, so we would like to know your opinion! We also want to check whether you are interested in closely monitoring this project in the coming years. To get a good idea of today's knowledge, experiences and needs, we would like to ask you to spend 5-10 minutes of your time on our survey. Read More