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Di-Plast Workshop "Digital tools for using recycled plastics"

30-03-2021 - 30-03-2021, Online (MS Teams)

In this interactive session the project partners will guide you to the use of digital tools for the uptake of recycled plastics in your processes. Read more

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Enabling Plastics Recycling With Digital Tools

Posted on 25-03-2021

There is still a huge gap between the goals of the European Union for plastic recycling in 2030 and the status quo today. One key chance for closing this gap is the application of ... Read more

Publication on VSM at the 9th International Conference on Mass Customization and Personalization – Community of Europe in Novi Sad, Serbia

Posted on 28-10-2020

The University of Luxembourg, one of our project partner, just published an introducing article on VSM at the 9th International Conference on Mass Customization an Personalization ... Read more

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Project Partners

  • SKZ-KFE gGmbH

    22 Friedrich-Bergius-Ring

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  • Stichting Polymer Science Park

    15 Ceintuurbaan
    8022 AW

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  • University of Luxembourg

    6 Rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi

    View partner details

  • East Netherlands Development Agency

    40 Laan van Malkenschoten

    View partner details

  • Umwelttechnik BW GmbH State Agency for environmental Technology and Resource Efficiency

    45 Friedrichstr.

    View partner details

  • Tilburg University (JADS)

    2 Warandelaan
    5037 AB

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  • Wuppertal Institute for Climate Environment Energy gGmbH

    19 Doeppersberg

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Lead partner

Organisation Address Email Website
Wuppertal Institute for Climate Environment Energy gGmbH 19 Doeppersberg
holger.berg@wupperinst.org www.wupperinst.org
Name Contact Name Email Country
SKZ-KFE gGmbH Hermann Achenbach h.achenbach@skz.de Germany
Stichting Polymer Science Park Mireille Kinket M.kinket@polymersciencepark.nl Netherlands
University of Luxembourg Peter Plapper peter.plapper@uni.lu Luxembourg
East Netherlands Development Agency Jan Jonker jan.jonker@oostnl.nl Netherlands
Umwelttechnik BW GmbH State Agency for environmental Technology and Resource Efficiency Jonas Umgelter jonas.umgelter@umwelttechnik-bw.de Germany
Tilburg University (JADS) Martin Atzmuller m.atzmuller@uvt.nl Netherlands

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Previous calls to participate in the Di-Plast Project

Di-Plast Webinar

The Webinar was hosted on the 12th of December 2019 from 15:00 - 17:00 pm (CET) by our Dutch project partners Jurgen van den Hoogen & Stefan Bloemheuvel, who are affiliated with the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science. Please click here to watch the video. The video contains the following agenda:

00:00 - 08:15 General Information on the Project

08:15 - 37:51 Information on the tools

37:51 - 54:05 Question and Answers

Open Call to participate in the Di-Plast Pilots

Companies, which would like to increase the amount of recycled materials in their processes and improve the quality in process and product by using digital tools were invited to apply until the 15th December 2019 to participate in the Di-Plast pilot. Within the pilots,  companies can directly influence the development of the tools and ensure that the functions of the tools are tailored to their needs.

Co-Creation Workshops at Zwolle and Würzburg

Expert interviews

With our survey we got first insights into the challenges when using recyclate.

The next step are expert interviews in order to get a deeper understanding of the challenges when using recyclate. If you have specific challenges in your value chain while using recyclate, you might be an interesting partner for such an interview. Don't hesitate to contact one of the partners on the landing page that fits best for your convenience. Tell us which tools would help you to improve the uptake of recyclate.

Survey on the requirements of enterprises

Di-Plast needs participation of related partners from the plastics value chain. Stakeholders from along the value chain are important for the results (and success) of the project. In each phase of the Project inputs from stakeholders influence the progress of Di-Plast and also results from the project can be used by stakeholders in order to improve their use of recycled plastics material.

The next opportunity to be part of it will be our survey regarding the requirements of enterprises that handle plastics material. 

The Survey will start in March 2019, so stay in contact or better: if you are interested send an E-Mail to one of the Partners on the startpage.

And there will come many more opportunities to participate for Partner from the NorthWestEurope Area. Feel free to ask.

News and Blog

Di-PLast presented on Go4Export Day in Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Posted on

Martijn Kerssen from Oost NL presented the Di-Plast Project on the Go4Export Day in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. On this international congress for the NWE Region in English language representatives of public bodies and enterprises met for matchmaking, knowledge sharing and inspiration in recycling and circularity in the plastic, building and waste (organic, batteries, separation) sectors. Contacts for the operational phase of Di-Plast where made successfully. Read More


Di-Plast After Work Event: Kreislaufwirtschaft in der Kunststoffverarbeitung (German)

, Aurora Kunststoffe GmbH, Neuenstein, Germany

The After Work Event, hosted by Umwelttechnik BW, will present the topics of the Di-Plast Project. Following the value chain of recycled plastics material (rPM) different presentations will show the opportunities of plastics recycling and how digitalised processes will improve the uptake of rPM. The language of the presentations will be German. Another opportunity to meet the people behind the project and to gain insights into the approach of Di-Plast. Participation is free.
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13. Würzburger Compoundiertage

, Veitshöchheim, Germany

Congress in German Language Target Group are compounders and Producers of plastic parts. Dr. Holger Berg from Wuppertal Institute will introduce the Di-Plast project in his presentation "Erhöhung des Recyclateinsatzes in der Plastikwertschöpfungskette durch digitale Technologien" at 22.05.2019 (Increasing the use of rPM in the plastics value chain by digital tools).
Read More

Go4Export - European Neighboring Countries Circular Economy Day

, Apeldoorn and Arnhem, Netherlands

International Congress for the NWE Region in English language Matchmaking, knowledge sharing and inspiration event for organisations active in recycling and circularity in the plastic, building and waste (organic, batteries, separation) sectors. Many attendees from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium for international exchange. Di-Plast will be presented in the programme.
Read More

The Pilots - Companies co-create the toolkit together with the Di-Plast experts

Di-Plast develops and implements digital tools to increase information transparency in the value chain and to support converters in purchasing and processing rPM. These tools will be implemented, demonstrated and tested in four pilots supporting companies from the plastics value chain. These companies are directly involved in conducting the pilots forming a co-creation process to make the tools fit for their applications.

Interested in joining the co-creation process?

Share your interest in the Di-Plast solution and support with us and we contact you according to your preferences!

Get in touch with us

Di-Plast Pilots

Pilot descriptions

  Pilot 1 - Matrix

Correlation between relevant raw material and properties and product / process requirements

One of the hindrances of using recyclate, according to the results of the Di-Plast survey and expert interviews, is the challenge in finding suitable recyclate grades for specific products. The correlation between product/process requirements is difficult to make, and in most cases field studies need to be carried out in order to validate the material selection. If converters would have a database where this aforementioned correlation is illustrated, it would be less complicated to find suitable recyclate grades. Furthermore, recompounders and material traders could use this tool in order to sell their material more efficiently.

Responsible expert: Femke de Loos, Polyer Science Park (send an e-mail) - The Netherlands

Di-Plast Pilots

Di-Plast Pilots

  Pilot 2 – Process Diagnostics

Analysis and advice on quality control improvements during production phase

For stabilizing the process, deep data-based understanding of the process is necessary. By collecting and analysing the data, your company gets an understanding about the process interdependencies, making it possible to find process parameters that enable a stable process with high recyclate ratio and reduced scrap. Furthermore, a detailed data-based description yields a measure for proved quality of process and product, besides a detailed material fingerprint that allows selling the material for a certain purpose.

Responsible expert: Christoph Kugler, SKZ-KFE gGmbH (send an e-mail)- Germany


   Pilot 3 – Value Stream Management

Collection, evaluation and continuous improvement of product and information flow

VSM will be used to visualize and improve the value streams within the pilot companies. By reducing the idle time, the process time and the lead time through optimized value streams, it is possible to forward the plastic material from one actor to the next one in a quicker way.

Responsible expert: Jeff Manger, University of Luxembourg (send an e-mail)- Luxembourg


Di-Plast Pilots

   Pilot 4 – Forecast

Provides forecast of future quantities and more stable supply of recyclates

Based on waste data from companies that are involved in the Di-Plast project, prediction of future waste amounts will be made  to enable a constant supply to recyclers. Several predictive models will be deployed and assessed on their prediction accuracy. The model with the highest prediction accuracy is best suited to indicate future waste quantities.

Responsible expert: Jurgen van den Hoogen and Stefan Bloemheuvel, Jheronimus Academy for Data Science - The Netherlands



Di-Plast develops and applies digital tools to enable high value plastics recycling, i.e. bring recycled plastics to its highest application possible. The toolkit
provides information, tips, tools and methods relating to

  • data collection,
  • data use,
  • sensor use,
  • data analytics and
  • Value Stream Management (VSM)

for closed-loop supply chains.

      ++++ More information coming soon! ++++

Interested in applying our tools?

Share your interest in the Di-Plast solution and support with us and we contact you according to your preferences!

Get in touch with us


Are you a SME or larger enterprise in the packaging and building sector and do you want to introduce or increase recycled plastics in your production chain?

The Di-Plast voucher scheme supports you in realizing your project! 

Di-Plast is and European program that increases and improves the uptake of recycled plastics within several sectors through digital tools. These tools increase information transparency in the value chain and support converters in purchasing and processing recycled materials. Di-Plast supports you with realizing your project ideas and creating new chain cooperations within the plastic sector. We organize several sessions, workshops, manuals and one-on-one support as well. See our website for upcoming events or contact Martijn Kerssen (send an e-mail) for more information on the general support program.

HERE you can find information on the general support program, and the contact details of the uptake managers. They can support with multiple aspects of the uptake of recyclate in your production chain.
The voucher scheme is created to give those companies extra support to realize project ideas that contribute to introduction, improvement and increasement of recycled plastics in the packaging and building sector. There are three types of voucher, each supporting unique aspects of your project ideas. These vouchers will help you work with the digital tools, contribute to matchmaking, give you access to expertise to improve your recyclate uptake or create the foundation for concrete chain cooperation. If you want to introduce or increase the amount of recycled plastics in your processes and improve the material quality in process in combination with digital tools, you can apply for a voucher as part of the support program.

                 ++++ Download the Voucher-Flyer (coming soon) ++++

   Matching Voucher                                                                                          up to 1,000 €

Support you with finding the right match for cooperation to introduce or increase recycled plastics in your production process.
The following activities can be supported:

• Partner matching
• Consultancy
• Material Research
• Set up of feasibility study/proof of concept

• Testing costs
• Shipping costs
• Meeting and travel costs


Di-Plat Voucher-Flyer

Di-Plat Voucher-Flyer

   Expertise Voucher                                                                                           up to 4,500 €

To realize project ideas for the (increased) use of recycled plastics with the support of external and specialist expertise.
The following activities can be supported:

• Technical engineering
• Process control
• Material quality
• Supply chain cooperation

• Innovation consultancy
• Realization feasibility study
• Material research
• Product recipe Creation

   Chain Voucher                                                                                                  up to 7,500 €

Finance specific purchases to concretize projects to increase the usage of recycled plastics in your production process.
The following activities can be supported:

•External costs for (product/quality) testing
•External costs material sampling – running technical trails with state-of-theart equipment

•Process consulting services
•Procurement costs for equipment & Machinery


Di-Plat Voucher-Flyer

The voucher scheme timeline (with reservation)

Di-Plast Pilots


Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to your most urgent questions. Detailed information on the voucher scheme can be read HERE (link to pdf external criteria). You can also contact one of the regional coordinators or one of the uptake managers for more information regarding your application!.

Who can apply?

The vouchers are only available for Compounders, Converters, Recyclers, Re-compounders, Companies creating commercial polymer waste, rPM-Uptake companies and Traders active in the packing or construction sector. Please check with one of our uptake managers if your company is eligible.

What projects are you looking for?

With Di-Plast we want to increase the quality and quantity of the usage of recyclate and help preparing companies to be ready for the future. Thus, proposals that focus on the introduction of or increase of the usage of recyclate in your company’s production process are welcomed. We/ Moreover, we want to stimulate interregional cooperation. Furthermore, the vouchers are part of the Di-Plast program and we offer digital tools to improve the usage of recyclate. Vouchers aim to help you to work with the tools as well. Soon, the application form will be published on this page. Here you can see what we asked and you can prepare your application to contact one of our uptake managers.

How can I apply?

In short, the first open call for applications will open on 30-4-2021. You can send your proposal through the application form on the website (link will open soon). We would urge you to look at the template version first in order to prepare your proposal.

What activities are eligible for financial support?

Please see below each voucher which activities are eligible for the vouchers. If you are not sure whether certain activities count or not, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Here you find sources with information and background about the Di-Plast Project. 

Di-Plast Flyer


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