European Geothermal Congress 2022

The European Geothermal Congress is the largest geothermal congress in Europe, with more than 800 visitors from all over the world and a unique blend of events for the whole geothermal sector. Organized every 3 years, EGC is a unique opportunity for stakeholders from all parts of the sector, whether academic, industrial, financial, policy-making, or societal, to come together and find new ways to progress. 

Partners from DGE-ROLLOUT will contribute to the conference program, present results, and discuss forthcoming activities.

Our Side Event in the course of the European Geothermal Congress 2022 will provide an overview of the work that has been undertaken throughout the DGE-ROLLOUT project’s lifetime (Oct 2018 – Oct 2023), present major results that have been achieved, and give an outline of the approach to foster the development of DGE for both small- and large-scale infrastructures. Our Side Event will be subdivided into four thematic blocks comprising 1) Mapping the DGE Potential of North-West Europe, 2) Supporting DGE Exploration, 3) DGE Case Studies and 4) Upscaling DGE for Industry.


The Side Event will include the following presentations: 

From geological structure to geothermal potentiel assessment of the Dinantian limestones in northern France.

Chrystel Dezayes et al. , BRGM, France

Development of a pilot site for high temperature heat pumps, with high temperature mine thermal energy storage as heat source

Arianna Passamonti et al., Fraunhofer IEG, Germany


Besides the Side Event following results of DGE-ROLLOUT
will be presented at EGC 2022:

DGE-ROLLOUT: Tiefengeothermisches Energiepotenzial von Karboncarbonatgesteinen im unteren Karbon in Nordwesteuropa

Anna Thiel et al., Geological Survey of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

New evaluation of the Lower Carboniferous reservoir of Wallonia (DGE-ROLLOUT project)

Estelle Petitclerc et al., Geological Survey of Belgium, Belgium


For more information, please visit the conference pages.

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