International Geothermal Centre, Bochum University of Applied Sciences

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140 Lennershofstr. , Bochum, 44801 Germany


The joint research institution is an initiative of public administration, science and industry in North Rhine‐Westphalia. The network pursues the goal of a geothermal energy supply depending on the varying heating and cooling requirements of large planning areas. The complex planning and administrative relationships of large‐scale geothermal projects are to be explored, simplified and documented on the basis of action guidelines. The GZB is split into three departments: Advanced Drilling Technologies, Infrastructure and Applications and Reservoir Engineering & Rock Physics. The objectives of the GZB are: to transfer technology, know‐how and information between universities, economy and the public | to conduct and foster application‐oriented geo‐research between various universities and the economy; to install a “close - to economy” research establishment based on the GZB for the foundation and evolution of technology‐oriented businesses | to provide education and advanced training to engineers, geoscientists, miners, architects and craftsmen in terms of heat mining and its integration into the structures of buildings and infrastructural systems | to retrain employees of the mining industry for future energy technologies (“from coal mining – to heat mining”) | to establish a scientific network of associated universities and research bodies on a national and international scale | to increase the recognition of geothermal energy within North Rhine‐Westphalia and beyond; and to institute an information service for contractors, planner and interested parties.

Thematic priorities:

  • Low carbon

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Low carbon

DGE-ROLLOUT - Roll-out of Deep Geothermal Energy in NWE

To facilitate the uptake of low carbon technologies, products, processes and services in sectors with high energy saving potential, to reduce GHG emissions in NWE

Status: ongoing

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