VITO launches a new seismic campaign in Lommel and the surrounding area 



Does Lommel qualify for geothermal energy in order to use the natural heat of the earth for heating networks and green energy production? VITO is investigating this: The deep subsoil of Lommel and the surrounding area is mapped by using vibration trucks, starting off at the Balmatt site. Hence we get a better view of the geothermal heat potential in this region.

Based on existing data from the subsoil, geologists have calculated that in the Lommel area, at a depth of 4 to 5 km, there are earth layers that are eligible for geothermal heat. However, more deep subsoil data are needed in order to correctly assess the potential. If that result is positive, then a geothermal power station could be considered.

Seismic measurements can be used to gather more information about the structure of the subsoil. The measurements are carried out with specially equipped trucks, so-called vibration trucks. The vibrations are recorded with small, passive vibration meters along the route. The campaign will start with a test measurement at the Balmatt site, to effectively start from VITO eastwards along the canal. The measurements will be carried out by the specialized French company GTG. Besides Lommel, there are also measurements in Pelt, Mol, Dessel, Balen and Bergeijk, and Valkenswaard (NL). The measuring process in the Netherlands has been determined in consultation with project partner EBN, in order to link up with their research within DGE-ROLLOUT and SCAN.


New Work at DGE-ROLLOUT: What looks like „The Great Train Robbery“ is in fact „The Great Seismic Cross Border Survey“. Between Belgium and the Netherlands, the partners of @VITObelgium and @EBN_NL look into the depths of the border region with equally sensitive and heavy equipment and explore together the potential for deep geothermal energy in North-Western Europe. In the picture, left to right: Timme van Melle, Rutger Peenstra, Michael Fluch, Matsen Broothaers. 

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