SCAN geothermal research programme en route in the Netherlands

The SCAN seismic survey is well on its way in the central part of the Netherlands. The seismic survey is part of the broader SCAN research programme that will map the Dutch subsurface to help determine geothermal potential in the Netherlands and NWE. SCAN will ‘fill in the blanks’ left in the Dutch subsurface landscape after large parts of it were mapped in the past because of their oil and gas potential.

After the first (test) line was researched between the cities of Utrecht and Almere at the beginning of last year, the seismic survey picked back up in September. Currently the field research team is working on the fifth line. The first results of the test line seismic survey and the reprocessed data for the first area (central NL) are now available via NLOG. All SCAN data will be made publicly available.

Another part of the programme, the so called ‘SCAN Dinantien’ research studies have delivered 10 of the total of 12 reports. The Dinantien is a lower Carboniferous limestone layer that is important for the possible future extraction of ‘deep geothermal energy’ (>4 km). Because of these great depths extensive research into deep geothermal energy and this specific potential reservoir is needed.

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