DGE-ROLLOUT issues Report Legal Framework

In the report, current legal frameworks of existing DGE regulations for all partner countries are discussed. The goal of this technical report is to give easy access to existing regulatory information of partner countries for geothermal project developers, local/regional/national public authorities, and enterprises and share this knowledge between the countries. It aims to provide guidance for project planning and provide policy advice of best practices to public authorities.

The research question studies how the legal framework concerning DGE infrastructures is formulated, how permitting and licensing processes take place, and what specific regulations exist for specific environmental impacts in partner countries. This allows further research on how to harmonize and improve these existing regulations.

First, the legislation related to the subsurface regarding exploration, exploitation, and safety is discussed. Also, the impact on surroundings, regulations related to environmental laws, groundwater, nature protection, spatial planning, and data availability are discussed in general.
Also, an overview of European legislation is given, an analysis of the different legal regulations is given per country and a comparison between countries is made. Eventually, recommendations are prepared which can be communicated to relevant regional and national policymakers and a general conclusion of the legal frameworks is formulated.

The report, compiled by Eline Van Malderen (EBN B.V.) is available here:

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