125th Anniversary Celebration of GSB


On Thursday 9th June 2022, the guest looked at the history and achievements of the GSB over the last 125 years. Activities include the Van den Broeck Medal Lecture of Geologica Belgica, awarded to Dr. Michiel Dusar, as well as discussions on the importance of geological surveys in catalyzing Earth Science Research and their responsibilities and potential actions within the context of global challenges. Demonstrations and tours of the facilities and collections of our Survey during the day are organized.

On-site the DGE-ROLLOUT explanatory animation film was presented to the guest. 

On Friday 10th June, attendees will be visiting the UNESCO Geopark Famenne-Ardenne (https://www.geoparcfamenneardenne.be/en/), which was established in 2018 with support of the Geological Survey of Belgium. The field trip includes the visit of the famous caves of Hansur-Lesse, studied since the beginning of the 19th century, an 18th-century old lead mine where the European Robominers Project plans to test bio-inspired mining equipment and the Resteigne quarry showcasing Middle Devonian carbonate deposits.


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